About Me

Gabriella Németh

I studied at the University of Economics and I worked on this field for quite many years. I live with my husband for 30 years now and we have two grown up sons. The challenges of my own life started me off on the road of self-awareness in 2001. I studied kinesiology, astrology, NLP, until I found Heart Shine Healing in 2011, which turned mine and my family’s life around. Heart Shine for me is a life philosophy, which brings joy into my life every day and with its support I can find the solutions to the challenges that occur in my life. I will always be grateful to Erika Bartha for this technique.

I believe that in our lives a lot depends on us women finding the beauty of existence to fulfil our wide range of tasks with joy. Apart from the Heart Shine treatments, I hold courses for women, where we talk about our duties, difficulties; we support each other in developing our strong aspects and accepting our weaknesses. To enhance this, I completed the Dula course of the Sarasvati Foundation in 2018.

„If we create order in ourselves, we find solution in our most difficult situations.”

Péter Popper

Looking forward to meet You!

In our therapy room we provide pampering healing treatments that help you find inner piece, balance, the opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate in the rush of your everyday life. We support you in unfolding the cause for blocks and difficulties in your life and help to release them, allowing you to live a content and more harmonious life.
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