Holistic Healing and Development, Conscious Creation

  • Are you stuck in any area of your life?
  • Struggling with lack of self-esteem?
  • Is connecting to others and/or to yourself causing difficulties, and you feel lonely even if people are around you?
  • Are you suffering from codependent relationships, and/or addictions?
  • Is your health challenged?
  • Are you having issues with body awareness, body image? or
  • Simply things are not as you would like them to be.

I am here to serve you as an intuitive guide, energetic healer and a trained professional in the above-mentioned states.

Main areas of healing and development:

  • Energetic Healing  (Rainbow light, Pranic Healing)
  • Development of body awareness, reconnecting to body-wisdom
  • Expressive movement
  • Healing codependent relationships
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence, healthy emotional expression
  • Working with codependency, understanding addictions
  • Conscious Creation – Awakening the Creator within
  • Shadow work
  • Life Coaching/Mentoring

Conscious Creation (Reality Transurfing)

Conscious creation teaches you techniques, which allow you to learn to navigate in the world that we live in, with more confidence and joy. Reality Transurfing awakens you for the recognition that the creator’s magic wand was always in your hand, but because you did not use it with awareness and clear intention, and some small details avoided your attention, your creation did not result in your desires and dreams.

Self-development and the practice of the techniques allows you to translate your creative power into successful creations, while you free yourself from the attachment to negative circumstances, grow in self-confidence and build trust with life and others. You are going to find yourself walking your path with more awareness. The peace in between your heart and mind will bring more joy into your everyday life.

As a certified Reality Transurfing Coach and M.A. in Consciousness and Transformative Psychology, this work is based on the latest neuroscience research, and the methods Vadim Zeland offers in his groundbreaking work, Reality Transurfing.

Holistic Development

Our journey focuses on all levels of your existence such as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These layers are intertwined in a multidimensional living fabric that continuously inform us about its balance/imbalance dynamics.

We move into the depth of your problems in the light of your wholeness. With my guidance, you let go old patterns and build and strengthen new wiring for creating a life that is happier and more fulfilled. These changes will have positive impact on more life areas as well.

We all strive a fulfilled happy life, living our talents and feel the meaning of existance in a deep way. In order to reach this level of wellbeing we need to create balance in many dimensions of our lives, harmonize inside and otside worlds, our hearts and minds. When we reach this harmony our lives unfold in a misterious, perfect way.

This work is a redefinition of the self you think today you are. We discover your potentials for growth, and all the self-sabotage strategies, habits and behaviors your subconscious operates and with systematic practice you liberate yourself from the old and give birth to a new you.  

Into Me See (Intimacy)

I myself know many people that are talented, positive, natural born leaders, or teachers with knowledge, but they still don’t believe in themselves enough to show how much they can contribute to the world. Their low self-esteem restricts them from fully utilizing their talent, and live their passion.

Self-love is building a deep, intimate relationship with yourself; it is falling in love with the multidimensional, colorful universe, with all of your polarities, your light and shadow aspects, and finity-infinity, that you are. When you start your journey on the path of self-acceptance, self-love, and build intimacy with yourself, you realize that by embracing all of yourself, you are also embracing others and the whole of  the world you experience. A deep understanding is blooming inside of you, a kind of peace that is extremely liberating. The voice of criticism, impatiente, shame and self-hate all lose their power in your reality, and in your externalized reflections, outside of you. You can turn your creative energy into building something you desire to birth into existence. You may fall out of this state of harmony sometimes, however the love inside of you will be more powerful than your sense of self-denial.

We consciously build self-love with developing loving presence, integrating denied aspects and rewiring your old beliefs. You will master techniques that will support you in opening the gates of your heart towards yourself and towards others.

Expressive Movement

In order to live a fierce, joyful, authentic life, you need to be courageous, step into your vulnerability, and becoming rooted fully in your humanness.

The naturally curious attitude of an innocent child used to bring you the freedom of self-expression, however you lost most of this openness by time. You lost it as soon as you believed fully in the illusion of some of your parts are good and welcomed while others are denied and disliked in this world.

Those feelings, that you keep suppressed and ignored, lead to loosing balance in life, and impairments in physical and mental health.

This work is an initiation that leads you through inner resistances and self-sabotage layers as we invite your whole being into the space of authenticity facing all spectrum of feelings and emotions, learn to feel them in our bodies, express them through movement, creativity, colors and sounds. We gently widen the spectrum of emotional expression.  The experience and awareness of the full emotional spectrum in our life is fundamental in maintaining overall human health. Having access to the energy of our emotions will enhance our creative capacities.

We learn to experience emotions, welcoming them without resistance, and express them on a healthy way.

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